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Eva Gerigk
Heilpraktikerin (Psychotherapie)
Therapies in English and German

How long is a therapy session?

In Average a session lasts 90 minutes. The length of therapy depends on the topic being addressed and the person. On average, my patients come for five sessions. Thereafter, many patients will themselves know how to work on smaller issues that bother them.

Can I tap myself?

Yes and it is even recommended! Tapping techniques are easy to learn and offer you self-help! However, in cases of severe psychological distress such as traumatic experiences you should see an experienced therapist.

What do I have to watch for after a therapy session?

Drink plenty of water and take time for yourself. Although patients feel relieved, they do have an increased need for rest on the day of treatment depending on the treatment’s intensity.

Do health insurance carriers pay for therapy?

At present, statutory health insurance does not cover any costs. Depending on the contract, private health insurance carriers will cover costs in accordance with the „Heilpraktiker“ fee schedule.

Eva Gerigk
Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade 112
61352 Bad Homburg

tel.: +49 6172 - 68 26 813

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How to get to my office:
– follow A 661 at the Bad Homburger interchange toward Bad Homburg
– exit the motorway at Bad Homburg
– follow the road along the by-pass through an avenue with poplars
– pass under the railway
– turn right at "Am Hohlebrunnen" which is the first possibility to turn after the railway
– leave the traffic circle at the 3rd street before the petrol station
– follow the street until the T-junction, and then turn right
– now you are at the "Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade" and can look for a parking space
– number 112 is located on the left-hand side, approx. 80 meters past "Seedammweg"