About Eva Gerigk
Reaching the Goal by Detour

After finishing my upper secondary education in Cologne, I studied politics and history in Germany and the US finishing with a “Master of Arts” degree. Subsequently I have been a PR consultant for well-known companies such as Teekanne, Evian, and Rhône-Poulenc. In 1992 I got married. I lived in New York between 1996 and 2001.
Personal experiences and life with my four children inspired me to become a licensed alternative practitioner in the field of psychotherapy. During my training while learning various healing methods and approaches I have become familiar with the field of energy psychology. After strong initial scepticism, I was convinced. My own life experiences have been so profound that I was highly motivated to complete my training as MET ® Therapist and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. As a result of pursuing ongoing training in this rapidly developing field, I now have at my disposal a broad range of techniques for healing. Since 2011, I am the first Matrix Reimprinting trainer in Germany.  In June 2017, I completed my training as a Trauma Buster Technique Practitioner.
Heilpraktikerin (Psychotherapie)
Therapies in English and German
Eva Gerigk